N Ave Beach Club
Transfer & Refund Procedures
You may transfer your entry to another team, provided the new team is in the same classification and division.  For details,
In general, we don't provide refunds.  However, if an emergency arises and, if a team can't make the tourney, we hope that they'll first try to transfer the entry to another team.  But if that's impossible, we'll provide a partial refund of 50% of the entry ticket price, currently $30.  The partial refund request must be timely; it must be sent before 3:00 on Thursday.  For details,
Wait Lists
We don't maintain a wait list.  But occasionally, a team drops out of an event.  If that occurs, we'll relist their spot on our shopping cart.  We suggest you periodically check that site for new openings.   It's linked below.

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