N Ave Beach Club
Transfer & Refund Procedures
You may transfer your entry to another team, provided: 
1. That team must be in the same classification (Ex. Girls)
2. That team must be in the same division (Ex. 12u)

How to transfer the entry:
1. Simple, just give the entry ticket to the new team
2. The team name doesn't change; but when the new team presents    the entry ticket at the registration desk the day of the tourney, inform the director of the new name.  That new name will be entered into the official tournament schedule.

Spots in our tourneys sell out fast.  In the past, parents, players and clubs have bought up groups of entry tickets, only to dump them at the last minute when the fail to fill those spots.  This kind of speculation was not fair to us nor those players who wanted to participate.  As such, for the past few years we've implemented a no-refund policy to ensure spots went to serious participants.

However, we recognize that emergencies occur, such as injury, illness, etc.  So, if a team can't make the tourney, we hope that they'll first try to transfer the entry to another.  But if that's impossible, we'll provide a partial refund of $30, thats 50% of the entry ticket price.

How to Obtain a Partial Refund:
1. Simple, just fill out & submit the below refund request sheet.
2. Once you submit your request, your entry ticket is void.
3. Please note, we do not offer last-minute refunds.  We must receive refund requests no later than Thursday, 3 pm.  Refund requests submitted after this deadline will be denied.

Players, teams and/or Clubs that that repeatedly submit refund requests will be banned from participation.
Refund Request
Team Name: *
Classification, Girls or Boys *
Division (14U, 16U, etc.) *
Name of Submitter: *
Email Address: *
Reason for Refund: *
Date Submitted: *
Affirmation Sent before Th, 3 pm

 Remember, we must receive your
refund request
  no later than
Thursday at 3 pm

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