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Sanctioning AAU Events

We would like to encourage coaches and club administrators in our region to participate in the annual AAU sand volleyball tournament series.  Hosting an AAU event is quite simple, below are the basic requirements and procedures.  If your event meets the AAU requirements, winning teams from your tourneys will qualify for participation in the West Coast AAU Junior Olympic Games the last weekend in July.

Also, if you’re already running sand tourneys for Juniors, you’ll receive significant benefits by sanctioning your events through the AAU.  You’ll still control how you run your events, and you’ll still set the team fee and retain all income. 

What you’ll receive from the AAU is help in promoting your events through email blasts to all members in your district, along with liability insurance coverage.  Further, the AAU tie-in would enhance your events by adding excitement and prestige.  Receiving a bid to attend the West Coast AAU Junior Olympic Games in California is a great honor, and those players who participate will enjoy a phenomenal experience.

Additionally, those players who qualify for the Junior Olympics also qualify to participate in the Championship Division of the Windy City Championships.  This annual event is held the first weekend in August at Chicago's North Avenue Beach, the Midwest's premier sand v-ball venue.  Here's the website link w/details:

If you need assistance with tourney sanctioning, most answers can be found on the AAU website. And feel free to contact the AAU office at any time.  Here’s their website link: www.aaubeach.org.

One final note; if you need help securing sand courts in your neighborhood, your local Convention and Visitors Bureau (CVBs) are available to give you an assist.  Click here for a list of Illinois CVBs.

Thanks for considering this venture.

Bill Yedor
Central Zone Director
AAU Beach Volleyball

Procedures for Hosting a Beach Doubles Tourney:
1. Make sure your AAU individual membership and Club (at least level 2) membership is current. ($76)
2. Scout out sand or beach courts in your neighborhood. You'll need at least 2 contiguous courts to host an AAU Junior Olympics qualifier.
3. Secure a permit from the facility or park district to obtain exclusive use of the venue to host a 1-day event. (This fee will vary based on demand; some park districts just charge a nominal fee. It's based on usage.)
4. Sanction your event through the AAU ($50/event).
5. Most venues will require a certificate of insurance naming them as an insured party, the certificate fee starts at $35.
6. Advertise for free through the AAU's website and email blasts.
7. Provide AAU medals to the winners and send the results to the AAU.

1. Your event must be open to all qualifying AAU members.
2. All participants must be members of the AAU.
3. A division must contain at least 10 teams to qualify a team for West Coast AAU Junior Olympic Games participation.
4. If a division has between 10 - 19 teams, only the winning team qualifies for the West Coast AAU Junior Olympics.
5. If a division has 20 or more teams, the top 2 teams qualify for the West Coast AAU Junior Olympics.
6. Winning teams must receive AAU awards.

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